Sacramental Preparation

The sacrament of Eucharist is celebrated along with the sacrament of Reconciliation at the end of the 2nd grade. Sacramental preparation begins in the1st grade and enrollment in Faith Formation is required during both years of this two-year preparation period. Please see the Prerequisites for Year 2 First Communion Registration.

Child is Baptized

  • If your child was baptized in the Catholic Church, please submit a copy of your child's baptismal and birth certificates. If you do not have your child's baptismal certificate, please obtain a copy from the church of baptism as soon as possible. Please note that if your child was not baptized at St. Joseph Catholic Church-Honey Creek, both records are required.
  • If your child was not baptized in the Catholic Church, please obtain a copy of his/her Baptismal Certificate from the church of Baptism. We will review the baptismal certificate and determine if your child should prepare to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion through the RCIA Program or the First Communion Preparation Program.

Child Completed 2022-2023 Faith Formation

  • It is necessary that children complete a full year of faith formation during the 2022-2023 school year with excellent attendance in order to be eligible to register for the Year 2 First Communion Preparation Class in 2022-2023. This prerequisite is accomplished through one of the following:
    • Attended Catholic School in the 2022-2023 school year.
    • Attended 2022-2023 Elementary Faith Formation Classroom or Online Program through St. Joseph Catholic Church-Honey Creek or another Catholic parish.
    • If your child received his or her Faith Formation at a catholic school or a different parish, please obtain a Letter of Assurance from this organization and submit it to the Faith Formation department at St. Joseph Catholic Church-Honey Creek.