Buildings, Development and Grounds

The Buildings, Development and Grounds Commission is responsible for the facilities (both current and future needs), and strategic planning (both short and long range). To implement our vision requires prayer, leadership, community support via dedicated and involved volunteers, AND a Master Plan to allow judicious development and conscientious management of our resources. Blessed with 50 acres in the beautiful hill country, we strive to conserve and preserve the natural setting while developing the facilities to meet our needs. We maintain and renovate the physical plant as necessary to ensure the facilities are at a high standard. We strive to ensure the grounds are maintained to a high standard of aesthetic beauty.

Ministries in this commission include:

  • Athletic Fields Committee
  • Cemetery I, II, and III
  • Cemetery Crews
  • Church Plant (Buildings, property, parking lots, roads, and gates)
  • Facility Usage
  • Garden Club
  • Mausoleum
  • Mausoleum Sales

Athletic Field Committee

It is the mission of the Athletic Field Committee to provide the resources, services, scheduling, and maintenance of the Athletic Fields and the immediate area. It is our intention to make this area functional, safe, and inviting to the members of the parish. It is also our intention to develop the area and promote the ideals of Team. A strong body will be support for a strong soul.

Contacts: Darrell Kendig


As one of the fastest growing Catholic Churches, we need to adjust our infrastructure to meet these growing needs. As we move to increasing parking, adding roads, improving safety, constructing new festival area and meeting facilities, restoring the Day Chapel, and building a much needed Family Life Center, we will focus on meeting needs to allow the community to grow spiritually within the future infrastructure.

Contacts: Billy Moore, Mark Morkovsky & Neil Berry

Cemetery Crew

Volunteer teams maintain the cemetery to reflect the beauty and serenity of the resting place for our beloved dead. The condition of the cemetery indicates our respect for generations past and as a future resting place for generations to come.

Contacts: Imelda Quiroz

Garden Club

St. Joseph's Garden Club members strive to provide the upkeep and beautification of the landscape surrounding our parish. We feel the peace & beauty of the inside is enhanced by what is seen on the outside by using plants, flowers, and trees which accent the hill country's natural beauty and are adaptive to our climate, rainfall, and terrain.