Directory of Staff & Volunteers

Name Position Ministries Phone
- NA - Altar Servers (210) 452-0198 Contact
- NA - Bereavement Meals
Adaia Engrav Garcia Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe Contact
Billy Moore Capital Improvement Contact
Carol Smith Altar Society/Flowers Contact
Carolyn Denny Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (210) 414-0947 Contact
Casey Pawelek MOM Ministry (210) 392-4620 Contact
Cathy Sondergaard Hospital Ministry Contact
Charles Noll Director of Youth Ministry (830) 980-2268 ext. 205 Contact
Cindy Keller Spiritual Direction (210) 316-1714 Contact
Dan Busenlehner Society of St. Vincent De Paul
Dan Cummings Lectors (210) 863-0174 Contact
Darrell Kendig Facilities Manager (830) 980-2268 ext. 268 Contact
Deacon Freddy Mireles Deacon Sacrament Prep - Baptism (Spanish) Contact
Deacon Glen Bliss Deacon Contact
Deacon Mike Pawelek Deacon (830) 980-2268 ext. 266 Contact
Denise MacShane Art & Environment (210) 488-0540 Contact
Eddie Molina Athletic Fields Contact
Ellie Towe Eucharistic Minister to the Homebound Contact
Erica Rodriguez Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers) Contact
Father Francis McHugh Pastor 830-980-2268 Contact
Frances Coale Spiritual Direction (770) 633-4641 Contact
Frances Coale Administrative Assistant Baptism Coordinator Contact
Garden Club (210) 288-5959 Contact
Imelda Quiroz Parish Receptionist & Cemetery Coordinator (830) 980-2268 Contact
Jackie Baer Rosary Guild (210) 885-4009 Contact
Janie Mireles RCIA (Spanish) Spiritual Direction / Sacrament Prep - Baptism (Spanish) Contact
Jenny Jung Honey Bee Prayer Quilters (832) 675-1458 Contact
Joana Alexander Arts & Crafts Group (830) 336-2602 Contact
Joe McNaul Bulverde Food Pantry Contact
Joe Vocks Knights of Columbus Assembly (210) 563-8907 Contact
Judy Pawelek Stephen Ministry (210) 279-2799 Contact
Karen Rose Widows Ministry (210) 381-7552 Contact
Karen Valdez Administrative Assistant (part-time) Contact
Ken Petri Pastoral Council Buildings & Grounds Commission (210) 508-8290 Contact
Linda Specht Bible Studies Contact
Lisa Young St. Theresian Community Contact
Lujana Kubany Pastoral Council Liturgy Commission (210) 663-5554 Contact
Margaret Hoese Catholic Daughters Contact
Mark Morkovsky Capital Improvement Contact
Martha Alonzo Administrative Assistant - Faith Formation Contact
Martin Tellez St. Joseph Matachines (210) 710-3732 Contact
Matt Wohlfeil Pastoral Council Ministry & Service Commission (830) 388-6296 Contact
Mike & Judy Pawelek RCIA/RCIA adapted for children Contact
Mike Knuffke Pastoral Council Liturgy Commission (830) 714-5554 Contact
Neil Berry Capitol Improvement Contact
Pam Gordon Respect Life Ministry Contact
Paul Gittinger Spiritual Direction (210) 286-4604 Contact
Ray Tovar Holy League (210) 269-3177 Contact
Ricardo Garcia Honey Creek Festival (210) 843-7157 Contact
Ricardo Garcia Knights of Columbus Council (210) 843-7157 Contact
Rick Ramirez Director of Music Choirs / At Home Prayer (830) 980-2268 ext. 207 Contact
Rose Mendez Administrative Assistant - Communications 830-980-2268 ext. 258 Contact
Ryan Martin Web Developer (210) 616-0076 Contact
Sheila Rosario Office Manager Business Office (830) 980-2268 ext. 208 Contact
Sue Torres Director of Faith Formation, Adult Sacraments of Initiation Faith Formation (830) 980-2268 ext. 255 Contact
Susie Boss Sacristans (830) 980-7938 Contact
Terry & Judy Temple Eucharistic Adoration Contact
Victoria Steward Bible Studies: Spanish Contact