Faith Formation Registration

Faith Formation registration is now open! Follow the link to register your child k-12, including sacramental prep. Classes start September 10, 2023. If you have any questions about payment or registration contact the Faith Formation Office.


Faith Formation classes are scheduled to begin September 10, and we desperately need catechists for the coming year. No catechists means no classes, and we would hate to cancel class for any grade(s) that have no catechist.
Being a Catechist is truly God’s work; because of this, I am assured that our Lord has called people in our parish to carry out this mission. I’m asking that you pray that people respond to God's call, and I pray for the Grace for us to seek out the right catechists.

Through our Baptism, we are called to use our unique gifts to evangelize others. Are you being called to share your faith with the youth? There are many reasons to answer this call. Here are a few:
• Your family will know you value religious education.
• Your own faith will come alive.
• The best way to learn more about the faith is to teach.

If you feel called or want to discern your call, I am happy to pray and discuss this special calling with you.

Please use this link to volunteer:

Charles Noll
Coordinator of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry
St. Joseph Catholic Church – Honey Creek