Spiritual Gifts Inventory

The Spiritual Gifts Inventory can help you determine which spiritual gifts you have been blessed with and are challenged to use in living out your baptismal call to build up the Kingdom of God. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to take the inventory but a whole lifetime to use your spiritual gifts. There are 115 statements that assess your gifts in twenty-three different areas. Once your scores are totaled for each of the gifts, you will be presented with your top three spiritual gifts. You can then use the List of Spiritual Gifts to deepen your understanding of these gifts and how they might be used. We’ve provided a list of some of the parish ministries and activities that need each of the 23 gifts and encourage you to explore the possibilities of using your gifts in one of these ministries.

Instructions for Use: The Inventory is on the following pages. Indicate by clicking a radio button in the column where you Strongly Agree, Agree Somewhat, are Undecided, Disagree Somewhat, or Strongly Disagree with each statement.

Don't be modest. Answer spontaneously and honestly.