Knife Sharpening Fundraiser

A knife sharpening mobile truck will be in our parking lot all day on Sunday, December 6, to sharpen your knives while you wait. You may also drop them off before Mass and pick them up on your way out! This service is provided by Star Knife Sharpening, professional culinary sharpeners - they sharpen on contracts for all fine restaurants in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. All proceeds will be donated to our church.
-We can sharpen any knife, including serrated.
-We can repair any chips or breaks and broken off tips.
-We can sharpen kitchen machine blades like food processor blades or mandolin grades.
-We sharpen and repair hunting knives and pocket knives.
-We sharpen all kinds of scissors - regular and sewing and pinking shears.
-We can sharpen garden tools that have “blades” - like shears and clippers (we just can’t do things with chains in the blades like chain saws). We can Not sharpen saws.