Archbishop's Appeal 2020

On behalf of Archbishop Gustavo and Father Francis, we invite you and your family to offer a sacrificial gift of love by participating in this year’s Archbishop’s Appeal, Accompany with Joy, Give with Grace. Your gift will support the formation of priests and deacons to serve you, your families, and individuals locally; support the formation of lay leaders to serve as catechists in our parish religious programs; offer a Catholic education to families in need; broadcast the televised Mass; and share Christ’s love as it feeds, clothes, shelters, and cares for the most vulnerable. The Lords want us to trust Him completely. The practice of stewardship and giving selflessly in love helps us to grow in trust with our Lord. We are not owners of anything, but rather caretakers of God’s gifts. We are called to share those gifts to make Christ's love present through ministries serving our community. I invite you to pray and find it in your heart to make a sacrificial gift to this year’s Appeal.

Gifts can be given:
1. Using the parish Appeal envelope
2. Online at
3. By calling 210-734- 1604

May God bless you for your willingness to Accompany with Joy, Give with Grace.