Archbishop's Appeal

On behalf of Archbishop Gustavo and Father Francis, we invite you and your family to serve our Catholic community by participating in the 2019 Annual Archbishop’s Appeal, Encounter: Live in Faith, Give in Love. Your prayers and gifts serve all of us by raising up our next generation of priests and deacons, providing sound catechesis and Catholic education for our children, bringing the sacraments to the hospitalized and homebound, broadcasting the Mass and other faith-filled programming to thousands, and bringing Christ’s mercy as it feeds, clothes, shelters, and cares for the most vulnerable. If you have already responded to the Archbishop’s letter sent to your home, thank you! If you have not yet had an opportunity to respond to this year’s Appeal, please prayerfully consider how to renew your gift, or make one for the first time. Pledge envelopes and pencils are available in the pews. Once completed, place your envelope in the offertory during Mass. You may also make your gift online at, or by calling the Office of the Archbishop’s Appeal at 210-734-1604. Thank you for your prayers and generosity. May God continue to bless you!