Thank You for Making a Difference

Thank you for your generous support of Catholic Relief Services and the Work of Human Hands Sale. Our St. Joseph-Honey Creek family raised $6807.66 which helps save lives and ease suffering in Third World Countries throughout our world!  CRS helps people survive for the day, but also Catholic Relief Services approaches emergency relief and long term development holistically ensuring that all people, especially the most vulnerable are able to have access to basic necessities, health care, and education all within peaceful and just communities.Watch for details regarding our upcoming Work of Human Hands Sale.  If you would like to help plan and implement our next CRS Work of Human Hands Sale, we invite you to our February 20, 2014 meeting in Room 203 at 6:30 PM.  For more information contact Frances Coale at 830.980.2268 or Judy Pawelek at 210.279.2799.We invite you also to view this Thank You Message from CRS for making a difference and living your faith: