Stephen Ministry Prayer Net

This Lenten season Stephen Ministry of St. Joseph - Honey Creek invites you to take a moment and recognize a loved one who has died, thank God for His blessings, ask God for help, or make any other "heart intention" you might have.
A Prayer Net will hang in the vestibule of the church as a visual depiction of our individual and collective prayers, thoughts, sorrows, joys, and celebrations. Simply "tie a thought" via a colored fabric swatch on to the net as a gesture of thought, care, surrender, celebration, and connectedness.
The Stephen Ministry Team will pray for your intentions. Cards are available in the basket in front of the Prayer Net for those who would like to pray with a Stephen Minister or talk about receiving the care of a Stephen Minister. Many blessings to you and your family! Contact Judy Pawelek at 219-279-2799 for more information.