Stephen Ministry

Christ Caring for People through People

THANKS! It's polite to say thank you when you receive a gift. God has given us the greatest gift of all- eternal life and unconditional love in Jesus Christ. How can you say thanks? One way is to share the love you have received with others who may feel unloved and alone in their troubles. Stephen ministers at St. Joseph-Honey Creek say thanks to God by caring for others. Learn how you can join this grateful, Grace-full group. Contact Judy Pawelek at 210-279-2799 or email A new training class is starting in January and applications will be taken now through November 1, 2016.

The Stephen Minister's role is to bring God's love into the lives of people who are going through a difficult time or experiencing a crisis. What do Stephen ministers do ? They listen, care, support, encourage, and pray with and for a person who is hurting. And in the midst of this confidential, one -to-one, caring relationship, God's healing love comes pouring through.

If someone you know is facing a crisis - large or small - and could benefit from the caring presence of a Stephen Minister, please contact a Stephen Leader.