Stephen Ministry

Are You Experiencing a Winter in Your Life?

It may be cold outside, but in addition, many people experience winters in their personal lives! A recent loss through death, divorce, or relocation may leave them feeling lonely. A hospitalization, a cancer diagnosis, or ongoing medical problems may leave them feeling isolated. The loss of a job, the fear of a layoff, or a financial setback can devastate one's self-esteem! Family and personal struggles may leave one also feeling like they have nowhere to turn for support.

If you are going through a difficult time, our Stephen Ministers can bring God's warm love back into your life! They provide CONFIDENTIAL, one-to-one Christian care. They will meet with you privately on a weekly basis to listen, to support, and to encourage you, to pray with you and for you, and to walk with you for the duration of your crisis.

To find out more about Stephen Ministry and how you or someone you know could be matched with a Stephen Minister talk with one of our Stephen  Leaders:

Judy Pawelek - Stephen Ministry Coordinator and Awareness Coordinator 210.279.2799
Karen Hughes - Co-coordinator and Continuing Education 210.685.2602
JoAnn Beissner - Referrals Coordinator
830.885.5499 or 512.201.3603
Dan Busenlehner - Referrals 512.695.4283
Mike Pawelek - Training Coordinator 210.771.3802