Stephen Ministry

Here's what one Stephen Minister had to say about Stephen Ministry:
"I was kind of sitting on the sidelines in our congregation. Oh, I came to church every Sunday, but the rest of the week I was focused on myself.  Then Stephen Ministry came along.  When I said yes to God's call to me for that ministry, I saw a lot of change in my life.  Now I'm committed to caring more about others than I do about myself.  And you know what?  I'm walking a lot closer with my Lord."



A Meaningful Ministry


Searching for a new ministry opportunity in our congregation? There will be a cost, you know, but there will also be great rewards. Stephen Ministry is our parish's one-on-one caring ministry. Right now we're looking for members of our parish who are willing to pay the

Self and

and become Stephen Ministers, remembering that the blessings will outweigh the costs.


A new training class for Stephen Ministers is starting soon. Is this the ministry opportunity for you?  For more information, contact Dan Busenlehner at 512-695-4283 today.