St. John Hall Repair Update

Update on Phase 1, Mold remediation for restoration of St. John Hall.

Step 1 . The removal existing interior heating and air conditioning units for cleaning, prep for storage, and later reinstallation. Work will begin upon receipt of the signed agreement from contractor, proof of Insurance and Warranties. Work is scheduled to be completed by November 30, 2015. Price quoted from contractor Dynamic Systems at $870.
Step 2. Mold remediation of hall. The Archdiocese of San Antonio has accepted the signed agreement from the contractor Servpro of N.E. San Antonio. The bid to do the work was approved by Archbishop Gustavo and signed on November 12, 2015. Work for second step is schedule to begin on December 1, 2015. All Archdiocese protocol and guidelines will be followed. Price quoted $15,292.
Step 3. Repair water leaks from roof and cupola. Work will begin upon receipt of the signed agreement from contractor and insurances. Price quoted from contractor Williamson Roofing at $1,800.
Step 4. The removal and replacement of all windows, plus repairs on exterior wall joints to stop any moisture intrusion into St. John Hall. Price quoted from Capital Hardwoods & Millwork for 13 new casement windows at $4,065. We are still obtaining the 3 quotes for removal and replacement of all windows and wall joint repairs.
Lastly, the parishioners will receive updates as the work progresses.
-Max Engel 210-508-4048
-Rev. José Francisco Puente-Flores