St. John Hall Repair update Phase 4 & 5

Status of Repair PDF file

The following is an update on the repair status of St. John Hall. Work is being performed in separate phases.

The following tasks in Phase 1 were completed:
Required mold remediation of the hall and then remaining sheetrock and insulation discarded.
Repairs made of water leaks from roof and cupola.
13 new casement windows purchased and installed.
Repairs made on exterior wall joints and sealing of wall joints. Other small wall holes sealed from inside to prevent moisture intrusion.

Phases 2 tasks completed:
Framed two walls on the stage for kitchen and storage areas, and laid the mezzanine to support the two HVAC air handlers.
Re-installed one retained air handler, plus one new air handler placed on the mezzanine.
Two HVAC rigid metal oval duct work with drop ceiling outlets have been installed.

Phase 3 tasks are currently underway:
One new AC compressor and condenser system has been installed, and the retained unit re-installed. New piping and refrigerator lines provided to the new air handlers on the mezzanine.

Electrical contractors have come to review and quote needed electrical items, to include: Install high voltage wiring and hook-ups for the HVAC units.
Replace any needed wiring to comply with current codes.
Install all lighting hardware.
New LED can lights along with other lighting fixtures purchased.
New emergency lighting, fire alarms, in-wall mounted fire extinguishers, and any low voltage wiring needed being purchased and installed.

Final Phases 4 & 5 to finish the repair work of the hall:
Re-work the front and side doors for proper swing, closures, & handles. Estimated cost $1,000
Insulation and drywall installed on interior walls and stage areas. Estimated cost $2,500
Tape/Bed/Float interior provided on walls and stage areas. Estimated cost $5,000
Drop ceiling tile squares and insulation installed. Estimated cost $4,500
Trim work installed throughout the hall. Estimated cost $5,000
Painting throughout interior of the hall. Estimated cost $7,000
Purchase new window shades. Estimated cost $1,000
Fascia repair as needed and paint exterior trim. Estimated cost $1,000
Repairs and refinish work on the floor. $3,000
Build a new porch, deck, steps, and ramp at the front door. Estimated cost $4,000
Request to the K of C for acquiring needed kitchen fixtures.

We seek your volunteer help for all types of tasks yet to be performed.

Lastly, parishioners will receive a final update when work is completed.
Thank you.