Some Final Thoughts

Stewardship As a Way of Life

The Catholic Christian understanding of stewardship begins with a faith-filled belief that everything that exists belongs to God.  We as humans have no true ownership of anything, but instead have the opportunity and obligation to care for God's creation.  This solemn belief gives us freedom to appreciate and value all that exists.  True ownership belongs to God who invites us to rejoice in this creation and partake in the abundant blessings that flow from His love.

Once we embrace, celebrate, and live this belief, stewardship becomes a way of life.  Stewardship is no longer limited to a small contribution made on Sunday, nor is it just the few hours volunteered at church.  Stewardship becomes the way life must be lived.  Every choice made considers how God is blest.  Every human is treated as if they were Christ.  Every thought is guided by the Holy Spirit and becomes a dynamic action which reflects one's faith.  Stewardship becomes a way of life.

During the rhythms of times and seasons, allow yourself to enter into a new understanding of what it means to live life.  Ownership is now the responsibility to care for what belongs to God.  What we have we must share.  What we receive we must be willing to give.  The needs of others become our need.

In this spirit, we are called to serve more, and we do so with great joy.  Our Sunday contribution is no longer what is left over or the few dollars in our pocket, but is instead is our first offering, the generous contribution from what God has given us.  Everyone we experience becomes an encounter with Christ.  Stewardship is our way of life.

As days turn into weeks and weeks to months and months to years...  as years turn into the passage of time, we pray that the gifts of God we receive each and every day become the foundation in our sincere response to becoming faithful stewards throughout life.