Sanctity of Human Life

This month, January 2015 is Sanctity of Human Life month.  In honor of this we have several annual Pro-Life Masses, Vigils, and Peaceful Processions all around the Hill Country and San Antonio. St. Joseph Honey Creek will participate in the Peaceful Pro Life Prayer Vigil on Saturday, January 17. 

The next big event is on Saturday, January 24.  This  is where we attend the Pro Life Mass, Procession and Rally At the Capitol.  We go to Mass (church to be determined), then at noon proceed marching with our Rosaries to 104 Babcock (PP).  We board a chartered bus to Austin (box lunch provided), $15pp. Hold your spot now. Once in Austin we proceed to the Capitol Steps for Pro-Life Rally from 1:30 to 3:30.  Bus leaves for San Antonio at 4:30.  Please contact me if interested in any of these, as some are subject to minor changes.

The last important Pro Life Rally is on Sunday, January 25 from 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. at Milam Park in downtown San Antonio.  This is an active group with many supporters and speakers.  Many KC's will be there as well as ACTS groups and hopefully the Matachines. Thank you for your support