Rev. Virgilius Draessel


First Resident Priest of St. Joseph-Honey Creek - October 9, 8:00 a.m. in the Day Chapel

On October 9, 1933, Rev. Virgilius Draessel passed. As the first resident parish priest for St. Joseph-Honey Creek, the Knights of Columbus 4th degree Assembly are encouraging all parishioners to attend this Mass in his honor. Father Draessel is the Assembly's name sake, and served as our first resident parish priest for over 35 years. He directed the construction of our St. Joseph Day Chapel, where he is buried. There is a small copper marker that was taken off the floor when it was carpeted and placed on the pew that marks his burial location. He traveled many miles in the hill country to say mass for the surrounding communities. He had a devotion to the Blessed Mary and on June 25, 1898, he completed building a chapel in Spring Branch. He was dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe and on June 25, 1899, he built another chapel at the Little Blanco and dedicated it to the Blessed Virgin. He dedicated his life to the service of settlers of Honey Creek, and we were very blessed to have him minister to us. Please remember him in your prayers.