Policies / Guidelines

PDF icon Guidelines for Use of Church/Chapel Guidelines for the usage of the St. Joseph - Honey Creek Main Church and Day Chapel, particularly during baptisms, weddings, quinceaneras, anniversaries, etc.
PDF icon Marriage Guidelines Helpful instructions for those considering being married at St. Joseph - Honey Creek.
PDF icon Baptismal Guidelines Guidelines for parents and godparents of candidates for the sacrament of baptism.
PDF icon Communication Guidelines Helpful guidelines for submission of information to be published on our website, in our bulletin, or in the flat screen announcements in the gathering space of the main church, and for publication of printed materials, audio/visual projects, and more.
PDF icon Gate System Policies and Procedures Instructions regarding use of coded electronic gate system for entrance and exit to and from church premises in an effort to provide safe and efficient access to buildings and facilities on our grounds.
PDF icon Funeral Planning Book Information and guidelines for planning a funeral at St. Joseph - Honey Creek.