Pastoral Council - Parish Goals 2016

Parish Goals 2016

Objective 1: New Evangelization: Proclaiming the Good News with joy, zeal and renewed spirit.

• Develop Parish wide survey on Evangelization

1. Meet with Staff & Ministries to refine the New Evangelization Team "The Way Ahead"
a. Gather input for "Survey Questions"
b. June 2016

2. Benchmark other parishes/churches to find best practices
a. Do online & phone research and visit an ideal Parish
b. August 2016

3. Conduct Parish wide Survey parish to determine needs and future evangelization focus
a. October 2016.

4. Develop "Evangelization Plan" based on feedback, benchmarking and survey
a. Feb 17.

• Parish Retreats

1. Organize and facilitate two parish retreats a year
a. one during Advent season
b. one during the Lenten Season.

Objective 2: Catechesis and Formation: Growing in our faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ

• 50% of all catechists will be level 1 certified by September 1, 2017.

• Provide more opportunities for families to engage in family prayer by FYE2017.

• Establish/host a book fair to provide learning materials to our faith community and organize supplemental books in the formation library.

Objective 3: Youth and Young Adults: Emerging Disciples of Christ

• Develop a new weekend retreat experience by Fall 2016 for at least 20 emerging disciples in middle school to strengthen call to discipleship.

• By FY2017, increase high school teen participation in retreat experiences by 10%, and offer advanced leadership training to at least 5 high school teens who actively participate in parish life.

• By FY2017, offer young adults advanced leadership training to deepen participation in the parish community as liturgical ministers and catechists.