Our Vision

(Nuestra Visión en Español)

Vision Statement

When our mission is fully realized, through the blessings of God, the love of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this will be the picture of St. Joseph Catholic Church - Honey Creek:

  • Our parish community is continually growing in faith and prayer developing a deeper trust in God's plan for us. Our worship in Word and Sacrament is profound and joyful while our liturgical celebrations are held with the deepest reverence, dignity and respect for the Eucharist - the summit of salvation of our faith.
  • Our parish family includes a diverse - multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual - but interactive and unified population where everyone feels and proclaims, "This is my home, and these are my brothers and sisters whom I love!" Our Domestic Churches - every home in our parish - will reflect the love of Christ, the depth and breadth of our larger parish family and the Universal Church. We are a welcoming community that embraces new people as well as new ideas. We are continually seeking out ways to fulfill the needs of those who we come into contact with by expanding volunteerism, ministries, evangelization, resources, facilities, and by living the words of Jesus, "Love one another as I have loved you."
  • We have created an environment where our parishioners know, serve and respect each other, enjoying social and worship time together as one body in Christ.
  • Each parishioner has embraced Stewardship as a way of life moving from membership to active discipleship. We offer opportunities for everyone to live their faith and share their gifts of time, talent and treasure built on the pillars of hospitality, prayer, formation and service.
  • Our parish is thriving through the ministries of our volunteers. We have the quantity and quality of ministries to meet our diversity - serving everyone from children to seniors, single and married, of all races and ethnic origins.
  • Our youth consider St. Joseph Parish their "home away from home" - a place for growth, learning, prayer and wholesome fun.
  • We have created an active and powerful evangelization program where each parishioner acts as a true disciple spreading the light of the Catholic faith by bringing inactive Catholics into full participation and by seeking out non-Catholics to become members of the faith. RCIA classes are huge!
  • We have the environment, structure, facilities and resources to ensure the age-specific needs of all are met - from conception to natural death. We have the facilities to provide a final resting place for those who have entered into eternal life with Christ. No matter where others are in their journey, we continuously foster the faith as we encourage moving from knowing Christ, to growing in Christ, to serving Christ to sharing Christ.
  • Each parishioner understands and actively participates in the teachings of the Catholic Church on Social Justice to include supporting and defending the sanctity and dignity of human life from the moment of conception to natural death. We live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ who reminds us that "What you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me." Therefore, we actively reach out to comfort the sick, suffering, poor and less fortunate. We strive to break the cycle of poverty by teaching our brothers and sisters to "fish" rather than to just receive fish.
  • We are a parish that nurtures all of our brothers and sisters to hear and accept God's call to vocations to the priesthood, religious life, permanent diaconate or lay ministry.
  • We actively identify and develop parish leaders who represent our diverse population and who will work tirelessly and effectively to promote and evolve the vision of St. Joseph - Honey Creek.
  • We are a communicating parish, using every means available to stay in constant touch with each other, our community and the world.
  • We build and develop a safe and faithful campus in accordance with our Master Plan based on sound planning and with respect to stewardship for all we have been given. We keep our parish grounds and facilities in top condition and take steps to provide funding for and acquire modifications and additions to that plan as time and growth dictates.
  • We realize that while perfection in our human world is not possible, we continually strive to build God's Kingdom on Earth, so it will start to resemble our eternal future in Heaven. What we have created, we humbly and gratefully pass to the next generation.


With the fulfillment of this vision the Kingdom will come,

And we will enter into God's glory...