Now Hiring: Director of Communications I.T.- Bulletin Editor

St. Joseph Church - Honey Creek is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Director of Communications - I.T. - Bulletin Edi-tor. Responsibilities include serving as Webmaster; maintaining I.T. operations to include telecommunications, computers, computer networking and office equipment; organizing the purchase and execution of all hardware and software; providing tech support to staff; serving as main source of review for layout and composition of bulletin; organizing and producing special projects including printed and digital advertising.

Candidates must be proficient in Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, and PowerPoint; and will be responsible for the operation of Ministry Scheduler Pro; and other duties as assigned. This position is 30 hours per week.

Interested candidates should submit a resume to:

Fr. Jose Francisco Puente
Fax 830-980-2488
Phone 830-980-2489

Position open until filled.