What is the ACTS Core?
Members of the ACTS community strive to assist members of the parish family to attain a deeper relationship with our Lord and fellow parishioners through Adoration, Community, Theology and Service. To achieve this goal, the ACTS community will sponsor weekend lay retreats, patterned after the descriptions of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 2: 42-47). The second focus is on spiritual development, service orientation and on-going community building. The ACTS Core is the governing body of the ACTS community, who are supported and governed by our pastor. The greater good of our parish is the primary focus in activities of the Core and ACTS Community. All are welcome to attend our monthly ACTS Core Meetings, which are held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm in room 201 of the Education Building. For more information about ACTS Missions, please refer to

St. Joseph Catholic Church - Honey Creek is seeking new ACTS Core members to serve a three year term beginning on September 1, 2016. The purpose of the ACTS Core is to oversee the ACTS Movement within our parish through sponsoring weekend lay retreats and to focus on spiritual development, service orientation and on-going community building through those who have attended ACTS retreats. Those interested must be practicing Catholics in good standing with the Catholic Church, a registered parishioner of St. Joseph's, must have attended an adult ACTS retreat, and served on an adult ACTS team. Members may not be a spouse or an immediate family member of a present Core member. Meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month. If you are interested in becoming a member of the ACTS Core, please contact Glen Jamerson at (361) 220-1424 or, or any other Core member. Deadline is July 15.