New Evangelization in Action at St. Joseph - Honey Creek!

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church - Honey Creek has experienced tremendous growth since 2006. In 2012, St. Joseph-Honey Creek found it needed to face the challenge of maintaining a close community even with our large numbers. As a result, Neighborhood Net Ministry was born!  The entire parish community was divided into 68 individual Neighborhood Net groups ranging from fifteen to thirty families. The essential purpose of each Neighborhood Net is to extend hospitality, evangelization, community life, and pastoral care to every parishioner. We welcome every newly registered family into a more active participation in our community life at both parish and neighborhood levels. We strive to answer the call of God to live and spread his word through our community.

On September 5, 2014, three Neighborhood Nets (Neighborhood Net 43:Coordinators: Paul & Kim Barton, and Neighborhood Net 44: Coordinators: Edwardo & Janie Andrade, assembled the gathering of 18 families from both Neighborhood Nets and one family from Neighborhood Net 68 (Coordinators: Joe & Casey Pawelek) to host our new pastor, Father Jose Francisco Puente, at a Pot Luck Social and House Blessing. The pot luck event began with an hour-long social to welcome everyone and enjoy getting to know each other better. The social hour was followed by a blessing of the pot luck dishes by Fr Puente. After dinner, Father Puente performed the House Blessing which was witnessed by all 19 families.

The Neighborhood Net Ministry has been in place in our parish for two years. These Neighborhood Nets have held several functions, such as, attending to the needs of the sick and the homebound, to picnics in the park to attending Mass as a group with lunch or dinner afterwards. During the season of Lent, the Neighborhood Nets have arranged to meet at the Friday Fish Fry hosted by the Knights of Columbus and Catholic Daughters, The Friday Fish Fry dinner was then followed by the Neighborhood Net members attending the weekly reciting of the Stations of the Cross.

Father Puente indicated that he is looking forward to personally blessing homes throughout the St. Joseph-Honey Creek community.   He thanks all those who have hosted Neighborhood Net gatherings.  This effort in reaching out is directly in line with Archbishop Gustavo's vision on the New Evangelization.

In the picture above you can see Neighborhood Net 43 Coordinators: Paul & Kim Barton, Neighborhood Net 44 Coordinators:Edwardo & Janie Andrade, Neighborhood Net 68 Coordinators: Joe & Casey Pawelek, Rev. Jose Francisco "Pancho" Puente, Pastor and parishioners of St. Joseph - Honey Creek.