Neighborhood Net

Four years ago, in February 2012, the Neighborhood Net Ministry was initiated at St. Joseph - Honey Creek. Reminiscent of circles & colonias in rural areas, Neighborhood Net was formed to ensure no parishioner gets lost in what is rapidly becoming the urban sprawl North of San Antonio. The Parish has grown from about 650 families in the late 1990s to 1850 families, and parishioners reside in about a 300 square mile area.
Parishioners are divided into ‘Nets' of 20-30 households who live near each other. A fellow parishioner is the Neighborhood Coordinator for each Net. The Coordinator reaches out to each household in their Net and helps them to get to know each other and look out for each other. Some Nets are very active, meeting several times a year, and some simply stay connected by email, sharing prayer needs and reminders of upcoming Parish activities.
Ministry activities mostly occur where you live, although some Nets serve the Parish by doing things like serving a meal to the Youth on a Sunday evening, or attend Lenten retreats and Stations of the Cross together.
The success of Neighborhood Net in your neighborhood depends on you! We encourage you to take time out of your busy schedules to meet your neighbors, and to participate in your Net's activities.

- Neighborhood Net needs Coordinators for the following neighborhoods: Kestrel Air Park, Mountain Laurel, Sun Valley Village, Shepherd's Ranch, Bulverde Road/East Ammon Road, Beck Road, Sherwood Oaks/Oakwood Acres, Timberwood Park, Shawnee Pass, and Kinder Ranch/Willis Ranch. If you have a few hours to spare each month, you will get to know the 20-30 households of parishioners in your neighborhood, welcome newly registered parishioners to the Parish, and we will train you!