Lent/Easter Choir Rehearsals


Easter rehearsal schedule: Feb. 13, 20, March 6, 13, 20, 27 April 3, & Monday 14. Eight rehearsals to prepare for Lent, Palm Sunday, Triduum and Easter Sunday. Rehearsals will begin at 7:00pm & may last over an hour so plan accordingly, I'll have Triduum folders for you. (Easter is April 20 this year)

Spread the good word - The Easter choir is open to all in music ministry and our faithful in the parish who wish to participate, so attendance is very essential & imperative. Please come ready to work hard surrendering your time & talent... let us praise our Lord celebrating His Glory as we lead our community in faithful anticipation.

If you should arrive late, please be considerate of those who come early and are already in rehearsal. For more information contact Rick Ramirez, Director of Music at 980-2268 #207