Hill of the Cross Cleanup

Saturday, February 11, 7:30am The Hill of the Cross is truly one of our Church's treasures. It is used all year by our parishioners and by many groups that come to our church for mini-retreats. The cleanup will start at 7:30 am...it should only take 2 to 3 hours.  All members of the parish and the community are welcome and it is truly a great time to share in fellowship and service to the community.  The youth of the parish play a vital and significant role in our community and their fellowship and contribution to the cleanup effort is very much welcomed and appreciated.  Refreshments to include breakfast tacos will be provided for those that work up an appetite.  Tools that are needed are wheelbarrows, wheelbarrows, "we always need more wheelbarrows", rakes, shovels, pitchforks, loppers for small brush cutting, and a weed eater. We will be spreading mulch on the path and trimming shrubs and trees as needed. For information call Doug Beckwith 830-660-4206 or email dougcyn@gvtc.com.