2015 Festival Arts & Crafts Vendor Application

The St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church - Honey Creek Festival Committee are thrilled and excited to have participating arts and craft vendors for the first time of our traditional Annual Labor Day Festival on Sunday, Sept. 6 on the lawn by the Parish Hall. This is an outdoor only venue and there are limited booth spaces. We have families from our church community and friends and patrons that come from the surrounding areas for this event so there is plenty of participation.

Attached, is the Vendor application and agreement for this special event. Please read through it carefully and sign and return to the enclosed email or mail to me with your check for review by the Festival committee. The deadline for receiving applications is Aug. 10. so please keep this in mind.

There will be plenty of activities throughout the day and a variety of foods, snacks and refreshments at the Festival. Tickets will be available for sale on all items. You are not restricted from bringing your own food or drinks if you don't want to leave your booth or have dietary needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you'll join us for this fun time with us at St. Joseph - Honey Creek.

Blessings to you all!
Bianca Lecocke, Vendor Chairperson

Vendor Application