10-Year Anniversary!

Can you believe that our main church will celebrate its 10-year anniversary? From the settlement of the Honey Creek Region in the 1870's based on Alfred Engel and Alfred Scheel's historical documents, a core of Catholic German families began our parish. Father Henry Gerlach helped facilitate the move of St. Joseph away from its origins to our present site, culminating in the construction of a new wooden church on the New Braunfels-Boerne Road in 1892. The small rock chapel on the hill was built in 1904, and in 1910 construction began with completion in 1912 on what we today call "the chapel." On August 13, 2006, the Dedication Mass for our present church was celebrated. How our Honey Creek parish and hill country area have changed in nearly 150 years! St. Joseph Honey Creek Altar Society, the oldest parish organization, is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the dedication of our current church with a commemorative ornament. All proceeds from the sale of these 300 ornaments will be donated to the restoration of the chapel's altar. It is Altar Society's way of reflecting on the beauty of the past and our endless love for the Mass - the celebration of Jesus Christ, body and blood.
Help us celebrate the 10-year anniversary with the purchase of an ornament in its velvet gift bag for $20. Ornament sales --- the weekend of July 16-17. Thank you in advance for your support and helping to restore the altar in "the chapel."
St. Joseph Altar Society
Carol Smith, President 830-980-7907